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Sleep Apnea Treatment
Urbandale, Iowa

Sleep Apnea Treatment Urbandale, Iowa

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder. It’s related to interrupted sleep due to loss of breath during sleeping. As a consequence, people wake up several times during the night and start feeling tired throughout the day. Most don’t realize why they’re waking up so frequently and it’s usually pointed out by a loved one.

The most common type of sleep apnea, which is called obstructive sleep apnea, is generally associated with snoring, grunting, and even gasping as the airway becomes blocked.

What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

Since it’s very difficult to find out if you have sleep apnea on your own, your disturbed sleep and other symptoms are mostly observed by your partner. The most common symptoms of sleep apnea are:

  • Frequent pauses in breathing
  • Snoring frequently with loud grunting noises
  • Gasping, snoring and choking during sleep
  • Disturbed or intermittent sleep
  • Feeling fatigue and drowsiness during daytime

If left untreated it can result in a variety of serious issues including death. The conventional remedy for sleep apnea is a C-PAP machine which forces air continuously into the airway, helping them breathe throughout the night. It is loud, bulky and uncomfortable.

Thanks to dental procedures, you no longer have to go through the discomforts caused by the C-PAP machine. Dentists now use a dental appliance that positions your jaw in such a way that your airways stay opened during the sleep. This appliance prevents the tongue from falling back and blocking the airway which normally happens with sleep apnea. These appliances help you breathe normally throughout the night and maintain an open airway, preventing disturbed sleep.

Dental appliances are ideal for patients of sleep apnea, as they are light and comfortable to wear, easy to travel with and are the best solution if your sleep apnea is mild to moderate.

What causes sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. Obesity is believed to be the most common cause of sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea can occur when the tongue and throat muscles are relaxed during sleep. This can block a person’s airway, making it difficult for them to breathe.

Is sleep apnea serious?

Studies show that sleep apnea can increase your risk of sudden death during sleep. This is especially true if you stop breathing more than 20 times per hour during sleep. This can cause the oxygen levels in your blood to fall severely and make you snort, choke or gasp. Your brain senses your inability to breathe and briefly rouses you from sleep so that your airway can reopen.

What are the warning signs of sleep apnea?

A few of the warning signs of sleep apnea include:

  • Chronic and loud snoring nearly every night
  • Snorting, choking or gasping during sleep
  • Interruptions in breathing
  • Waking up several times at night due to shortness of breath
  • Daytime fatigue and sleepiness

What happens with untreated sleep apnea?

Untreated sleep apnea can cause several life-threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Obstructive sleep apnea deprives a person of restorative rest so they may feel fatigued the next day. This can be dangerous, especially if the person falls asleep at the wheel.

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