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Holistic Dentistry FAQ

Holistic dentistry explained. Your questions answered with Dr. Wu

Ozone Therapy – Benefits of doing ozone

Kills viruses and bacteria. Boost the immune system and maintain the healthy living cells. Ozone enhances the body’s ability to heal by adding extra oxygen.

Ozonide Therapy – What is this?
A mixture of oil and ozone the patient inhales, the patient can do as many sessions as needed.
Ozonide Therapy – Benefits of doing this
It increases the healthy cells in the body for an overall immune boost. It can boost the immune system for up to 7 days. It is great to use during scaling and root planing or after a patient’s six month prophy.
Prolozone Therapy – What is this?
An injection of a mixture of oxygen and ozone. It is a healing injection technique that promotes the body to heal itself. It does this by using activated oxygen in a gas form which consists of Ozone (1-3%) & Oxygen (97% -99%) , procaine and may use other minerals or vitamins. By providing the body with these nutrients it allows and helps the cell membranes to heal, improving circulation to the area, reducing inflammation & swelling while promoting stem cells and blast cells This helps reduce & eliminate pain and can tighten loose ligaments.
Prolozone Therapy – Benefits of doing this
If the patient is not wanting to move forward with treatment in the area (usually root canals) this can help prevent having the treatment done in the future.
Prolozone Therapy – Why is it always 8 sessions?
Doctors have found from doing this treatment on patients after 8 sessions the discomfort Fades.
Pur 03 Oil – Benefits of using these oils
It heals the area by killing bacteria and helps promote faster healing.
Pur 03 Oil – How does the patient use the oil?
You place it directly on the area, if this is in the mouth you traditionally place it on gauze and place the gauze on the area.
Silver Nitrate – What is this?
A sealant type material that requires no drilling to help reverse small cavities and help heal the tooth. Mostly used on kids can be used on adults. Holistic version of silver diamine fluoride.
Silver Nitrate – How is this explained to patients?
Treatment to help reverse small cavities. Recommends using povidone iodine after once a month to help kill bacteria and cause decay. This is done alone and sometimes with a filling or crown, why can it be done alone or with treatment It can be done alone or with other treatment depending on the surfaces of the tooth that would need it
Silver Nitrate – Does this discolor the tooth?
It does discolor the tooth but only the grooves of the tooth it is placed at.
NuCalm – What is Nucalm?
It is a natural way to help ease anxiety in the office without medication or side effects of laughing gas. The patient wears headphones that play sounds of binary rhythms that send rhythms to the brain to help calm the brain, the patient also wears pads behind their ears that have vibrations of e-stimulation. **GABA supplement will be used, but it is contraindicated in those with antidepressants. Dental Material Sensitivity Testing/Blood Work for Holistic Patients
NuCalm – Where are we sending these now?
The patient receives the kit from our office and sends it in themselves, the patient goes to labcorp for the blood draw. Patient is responsible for costs of kit and lab draw, they pay that directly to the website and labcorp. ***Patients can refuse to do the blood work. We will still see them as a patient, we will just reject the treatment plan in their chart.***
NuCalm – Please explain further detail on why we recommend it to patients
Because if a material is unknowingly placed and is an incompatible material, it can interfere with the meridian of that tooth. If a patient goes to a functional medicine practitioner or someone that knows how to trace meridians using any type of technology they have, then they may detect something wrong with the organ connected to the tooth in question via the meridian. -Consequences are that they may have potential reactions to materials used, and you would have no way of knowing or predicting what could happen. If they have issues, they would be responsible for the extra out of pocket should they not do the testing for having to redo work that is clinically acceptable in any other way. -Blood tests can show if a patient is “suited” or “not suited” for a dental material Detox Before Safe Amalgam Removal
NuCalm – Do we have all patients detox ?
If no which patients do we have do it We recommend it for all patients but it is an option. If they do choose to do the detox we have them consult with a functional medicine practitioner.
Safe Amalgam Removal – What is this?
A multi-step protocol to protect you from mercury vapor exposure. Our doctors require 2 weeks in between safe amalgam removal appointments. Usually the appointments are done per quad of the mouth. It can be done per side as long as there are not many amalgams in each quad. Doctors recommend not crossing the midline when removing amalgam.
Safe Amalgam Removal – Benefits of doing this
Mercury can harm the kidneys and permanently damage a child’s developing neurological system. Mercury has been implicated as a contributory factor in some cases of multiple sclerosis, parkison’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, alzheimers, depressions, fatigue and anxiety.
PRF Grafting – What is this?

PRF is an extract of patients blood. It is made by spinning samples of blood in a centrifuge. PRF is used for dental implants, bone grafting, gum grafting and treating infections in bone.

PRF Grafting – Benefits of doing this
These rich platelet techniques are very useful as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with other bone graft products.
Zirconia Implants – What is this?
Zirconia based implant that is metal free
Zirconia Implants – Benefits of doing this
No metal in your body, it also has less mucosal discoloration

Green Dental Practice in Urbandale

What Is Green Dentistry?

Green dentistry refers to the approach of providing dental care treatments using procedures, materials, and technologies that are safe for the environment. According to the Eco-Dentistry Association, a green dental practice is one that practices:

  • Conservation of energy, water, and money
  • Reduction in the generation of waste and pollution
  • Use of advanced dental technology and innovations

What our patients say about Holistic dentistry

My daughter and I had appointments here today and they are so lovely and thorough. I love the holistic nature of everyone here. We are so happy with our experience!
5* Google Review: Karen V

Amazing experience and results! From Dr. Wu, to the front desk staff, and the assistants, my experience and results were incredible. I lost my taste and smell due to having the corona virus.

After my first Ozone Therapy Treatment, just a week past my clear date, my smell started returning within hours of the treatment. Throughout the week, many smells were apparent and some tastes. My second treatment was a week later, and I can confidently tell you my taste and smell have returned.

Those I know who have had the virus are still awaiting the return of their senses. I highly recommend the Ozone Therapy by Dr. Wu to boost your immune system and see if it helps you as well. Fantastic experience.


I have had two fantastic experiences at Urbandale Smiles with Dr. Wu. She is very easy to talk with and I always learn a lot from her and all the staff at Urbandale Smiles.

They are very educational and do a great job of helping me understand everything they are doing. I am excited to continue care with them and get the rest of my family in as well


Urbandale smiles team was fantastic. Everyone that I encountered was professional, knowledgeable, respectful, and friendly.

I will be recommending them in the future and will definitely be back whenever needed.


Urbandale Smiles

Phone : 515-276-7800

Address: 8078 Douglas Avenue, Urbandale, IA 50322

Hours Of Operation:

Monday 8 AM–5 PM

Tuesday 8 AM–5 PM

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