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Dental Anxiety Treatment 

Dental Anxiety Treatment Options for You

Do you have a dental problem, but you are scared to visit a dentist? You’re not alone!

Fear of visiting a dentist, aka dental anxiety, is a common condition that gives rise to many dental problems in the future. Around 40 million Americans are at the risk of developing serious dental issues just because they feel anxious about visiting a dentist, as reported by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

What causes of dental anxiety?

There can be many underlying reasons behind those fears, but most people relate with these:

  • Fear of the drill
  • Fear of blood and pain
  • Fear of helplessness and loss of control
  • Negative experiences in the past
  • The embarrassment caused by self-consciousness during the dental examination

The consequences of avoiding regular dentist visits due to dental anxiety are enormous! Not only may it lead to serious dental complications (making it costly and painful down the road), but it may also affect your general health and your self-esteem. Even worse – neglecting dental anxiety management may also put you into a never-returning boat of fury causing only more trouble for your dental health in future.

We Move at Your Pace to Help You Reduce Your Fear

For many patients, the biggest reason for their dental anxiety is the feeling of helplessness and loss of control during the treatment. At Urbandale Smiles, we understand this; therefore, we practice our dental anxiety management techniques to provide comfort and relax patients.

We start with listening to your concerns and worries, then let you know about the various treatment options and the steps involved. For your comfort, we move at a pace that makes you feel settled and relaxed.

With NuCalm®, We Reduce Your Stress Within Few Minutes

Our dental anxiety treatment options include NuCalm® – a highly effective clinical system to help you relax by reducing stress, dental anxiety, and fear within a few minutes.

NuCalm® is a neuroscience technology that’s totally drug-free and involves your body’s relaxation mechanism to reduce stress and anxiety. Our NuCalm® dentists are experienced with this technology and always ready to help you. Also:

  • NuCalm® has no side-effects and there is no recuperative time required.
  • It’s inexpensive and included in treatment costs!

If you have a dental problem but worried should you go to a dentist or not, relax! Just call Urbandale Smiles at (515) 276-7800 and let us help you with your anxious thoughts.

You can also request an appointment by filling this form, or simply drop by at our clinic.

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